Process Mercury Management

Mercury Measurements and Decontamination for Oil & Gas

Mercury Mass Flux Modeling

Strategies for accurate and representative determination of mercury partitioning throughout a facility should be project goal specific. Factors include budget, process conditions, data end use, as well as operational requirements of the facility. PMG's state of the art equipment and expertise allow for the most accurate and representative mercury partitioning model possible.

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Field Sampling & Analysis

PMG provides highly experienced mercury assessment teams, equipped with state-of-the-art patented sampling and analysis technology to plan and execute comprehensive sampling and analysis programs. Our sampling and analysis approach (technology and methods) provides the most representative, high quality data to support the evaluation of mitigation needs for Health and Safety, Environmental Compliance and Process Equipment and Facilities.

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Decommissioning Support & Technology

The decontamination of process equipment and piping is often required for decommissioning (compliance with policy and regulatory requirements) or to minimize occupational exposure during facility repairs and maintenance. Effective management of mercury is critical for safe execution of decommissioning work.

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Atmospheric Mercury Deposition

Mercury is emitted to the atmosphere both naturally and anthropogenically. Anthropogenic sources include coal fired power plants, mining facilities, mining/oil and gas activity, and waste incineration. Natural sources include volcanoes, geothermal springs and geological deposits. Derivation of the atmospheric mercury budget requires emissions monitoring. Determination of the fate of these emissions to the atmosphere and assessment of environmental impact requires atmospheric deposition monitoring.

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Research & Development

PMG is routinely engaged with operators all over the world for support with unique projects and development of cost-effective technologies for managing mercury contamination in oil and gas. Research facilities in the US, Australia, Indonesia and Thailand allow for mobilization and execution of the work.

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Laboratory Analytical Services

Trace mercury detection capability is key for assessing the extent of mercury contamination in process fluids or in oil and gas equipment. We go to great lengths to ensure data quality and representativeness in our analytical facilities in the US and Australia where trace mercury sampling & analysis methods are employed.

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Mercury Monitoring

Mercury monitoring (short term or long term) is a key component for evaluating the extent of mercury contamination. Once Operators understand the level of contamination, mitigation plans can follow.

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Mercury Waste Management

PMG is capable of managing waste disposal safely and in accordance with local regulations as well as the Basel Convention (international treaty designed to reduce movements of hazardous waste between nations) where applicable. We work directly with Operators to execute the most environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions.

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PMG Consulting & Services

PMG brings a vast range of services and technology to the industry. We take great pride in delivering a comprehensive set of integrated solutions towards assessment and mitigation of the impact of mercury in oil and gas production and processing facilities. Our services and technology are designed to provide oil and gas facility operators with "cradle to grave" solutions for the management of produced mercury. PMG services and technologies include the capability to assess all mercury impacts and address specific areas of concern. Services are separated by category: Assessment, Mitigation, Decommissioning. See below for a more detailed list of services and support provided.
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